Dear Prospective Client:

If you are interested in buying or selling a home, and wish to use a realtor who works for and with you, especially in tough times, then I would suggest you strongly consider hiring Cliff Keith.

I met Cliff in 1989 when I was a young realtor. The breath and depth of his knowledge regarding real estate transactions was very impressive back then and in light of the increased degree of complexity inherent in today’s real estate transactions, his knowledge is even more astounding.

My husband and I bought a home in a very complex market following the attacks of September 11th. The market following those attacks became rather unpredictable and listings were scarce. We worked together to find the right home for nearly a year, through these difficult and emotionally trying times. While I am sure all of us wanted to give up more than once (especially since we lost out on four homes during this time due to other buyers bidding substantially over asking price), Cliff kept us going. He assured us that the right house would arrive and he was correct.

Having found a home that worked for my family did not end Cliff’s assistance. In fact, despite an inept loan broker who practically killed our deal, Cliff maintained a steady countenance and helped us to finally close the deal—all of this despite the fact that during this time period Cliff lost his own mother and was going through very personal trials and tribulations. He even spoke with me minutes before his mother’s funeral. Who among us could be that selfless and professional during such a difficult time?

In sum, Cliff is a real person who will work really hard for you. He will come through with flying colors during the tough times, irrespective of his own personal expense.

Beth Chagonjian, Esq. and Bruce Bohannan DDS MD
Redwood City, CA 94061

Dear Neighbors,

I usually don’t do this, however, I feel compelled to tell you my story about Cliff Keith and how he helped Lois and I with the selling of our home at 90 E. 38th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403. I have known Cliff Keith both personally and professionally since 1970. We met in college, traveled to Europe together, participated in each other’s weddings, and maintained our friendship through the years while we both raised families.

Not only is Cliff a loyal friend, a wonderful husband and father, but also a top notch Real Estate Agent. He has sold two properties for me and helped me in buying my current home in Chico, CA. Cliff is very knowledgeable, experienced and extremely thorough in making sure all the bases are covered when it comes to selling or buying a home. He gives you a high comfort level as a client.

In addition, Cliff has a warm and friendly demeanor and makes you feel special as a person and not just another customer. When it comes time to sell or buy property I would highly recommend the services of Mr. Cliff Keith. He is always willing to spend time with you and go the extra distance to deliver the best value in today’s market.

When you find someone who provides a good service or product then you are happy to share them with others.

Call on Cliff; you won’t be disappointed. Cliff’s number is 650-346-7366 Sincerely,

Ronald M. Dogey 720 Greenwich Drive Chico, CA 95926

Ron and Lois Dogey
San Mateo, CA 94403

We have a story to tell you that we think you should hear. Over the years we have bought and sold several pieces of real estate through our agent, Cliff Keith. The property we would like to tell you about is a 7-unit apartment building we recently purchased. We were looking to trade a duplex we owned into a 4 to 5-unit building. We called Cliff and told him of our plans. Over the next few months he told us about several properties-but none of them appealed to us because of their locations or the financial numbers.

Then, one day, we got a call from Cliff stating that he had just seen some units that appeared to be a real value. We made an appointment to meet. Cliff brought all of the information we needed to make a decision, including income and expense statements. We noticed the rents were low, and by trading our duplex for it and raising the rents slightly we would increase our cash flow threefold. It almost seemed too good to be true. We made an offer. It was accepted at .68966% below the asking price.

But that’s not where the story stops! The sellers would not extend our loan contingency unless we purchased the property “as-is”. We had no choice but to accept the seller’s demands because the lender would not give loan approval unless we did. Anyway, we explained to Cliff that we anticipated our costs would go up and felt the sellers were taking advantage of us. Cliff promised us that would not happen. He assured us he would do everything he could to prevent that from happening. Well, the termite (Pest Inspection) report was $16,000—and the lender wanted a termite clearance in order to fund our loan! Cliff jumped into action and handled it as promised. He found a general contractor to do all of the work needed for only $7,500. Part of the work was really a health and safety issue, so Cliff wrote to the sellers and explained our position. He convinced them to pay for those items. Then he got the other agent to pay a portion of the costs. He went to his office manager and convinced Coldwell Banker to participate too. Finally, Cliff dug down in his own pocket and put his money where his mouth was. He went to the lender and got them to fund the loan using a “hold back” provision for the work that needed to be done.

During the work process more infestation damage was found, and it needed to be fixed. Cliff re-negotiated the additional costs with the contractor. Finally, the work was completed and everyone needed to be paid. We tried for over a month to get the funds released, but the lender would not release them! We were at our wits end. We called Cliff. He called the lender, determined what they needed to release the funds, and satisfied their demands. The funds were released, and all the parties were paid. We are now very happy with our new investment property.

If you, or anyone you know, have a need to upgrade their investment real estate you owe it to yourself to call Cliff Keith and Team. We can say he used his knowledge of the market conditions to find us a property we are proud to own. Cliff had the unique skills (even under difficult circumstances) to insure we got the property. Cliff is the agent that can help you too. Call Cliff Keith and Team at his office in Woodside at (650) 346-7366. Please be sure to tell Cliff that Chris and Dorothy Lopez referred you. After all he is a “By Referral Only”® real estate agent

Chris and Dorothy Lopez
Redwood City, CA 94061

Dear Friends: We don’t normally do this, but we think this story is worth telling. About four years ago we started on a journey to buy our first home. We had recently been married and had plans to start our family soon. We started to do what most people do and attended open houses on Sundays. At one particular open house we met Cliff Keith. We just seemed to “click”. He was courteous, competent, informative, and always followed up on what he said he would do for us. The first thing he helped us with was to get our financial picture in place. When that was done we discovered we could not buy the type of home we wanted. Cliff explained to us what we needed to do in order to buy the home we wanted. He showed us that with a plan and some time, our goal was possible. Over the next couple of years Cliff would send us various mailings to keep us abreast of the real estate market and to encourage us toward our goal. When our goal was within reach, we asked Cliff to show us some properties. We found a home that was just right for us and our finances …or so we thought. The very next day was “Black Thursday” and the stock market made a big correction which depleted our down payment by 34%!!!! We had to call Cliff and tell him the bad news. He told us not to worry because the market would come back, which it did. We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and our children were growing so fast we needed to find a home. It did take about another year before we felt comfortable looking for a home again and Cliff was still there to help us. Cliff found us a huge home in Belmont. It had a separate apartment, which we planned to rent to a relative. The bank allowed us to use the income derived from the rent as part of our qualifying ratios. Cliff even negotiated a 10.55% reduction on the asking price of the home. In hindsight, the stock market correction was really a blessing in disguise. We now have a great home that is perfect for our family’s needs. We are very happy thanks to our Realtor for Life, Cliff Keith.

If you have been thinking of purchasing a home in the next 90 days you owe it to yourself to call Cliff Keith and Team at (650) 346-7366. When you call, please tell him Nick and Tracy referred you to him because, as you may know, Cliff is a “By Referral Only”® real estate agent–which means referrals are very important to him. They are the mainstay of his business. We want to help him stay in business so that someday, when we decide to sell our home and buy another one, we can call Cliff Keith and Team. He is our Realtor for Life!

Nick and Tracy Milkovski
Belmont, Ca 94002